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A Professional Portrait Featuring Erica Swallow

Erica Swallow by Dumonchelle Draws via ArtCorgi

Dummonchelle Draws offers a wide variety of commission styles (ranging from super stylized to quite realistic), but one of his most popular styles as of late is his semi-realistic bust portrait style. It works great for professional portraits, like this lovely piece made for Erica Swallow. We love the coloring and realistic- but nevertheless stylized […]

ArtCorgi: Scarlett Bruns by Dumonchelle Draws

Dumonchelle Draws was recently commissioned to create a digital portrait of Scarlett Bruns. Bruns’ biggest project right now is the sci fi TV show called Tide Waters as she writes and stars in the series. Big shout out to @adumonchelle for this awesome drawing of me! Love it! #art #fanart #artcorgi #thanks pic.twitter.com/zvNXgocqDj — Scarlett […]