How Sunny and Natasha Became Final Fantasy Characters

Final Fantasy Sunny by Danh Nguyen

We had a really fun commission challenge recently, which involved not only portraying a couple as final fantasy characters, but working their character art into Final Fantasy CDs, to give the appearance of them being full on Final Fantasy characters.

Danh Nguyen was chosen for the project and created some fantastic posters featuring the two subjects: Sunny and Natasha. We love how they came out.

I stepped in to work the art into DVD covers, and we all had a lot of fun working as a team to bring the project together.

Sunny and Natasha Final Fantasy DVD Covers

Whenever I see Final Fantasy gameplay, I wish I could just be one of the characters from that world. Seeing that actually happen with Sunny and Natasha was a blast.

Final Fantasy Natasha by Danh NguyenBackstory Behind the Piece

This art was commissioned by Shanel, an incredibly fun woman who wanted to give her son and daughter-in-law an unforgettable gift. To give you an idea of how much fun she is to work with, we asked Shanel to introduce herself to you!

I am a Southern Comfort Belle who walks arm in arm with the oh so dashing Mr Jack Daniels. I am a quirky unique kinda gal who likes to think outside of the box and a true Blue WKD sense of humour.

When asked what inspired her to commission something so fun and creative as Final Fantasy art, Shanel explained:

I simply wanted something so unique quirky and long lasting for my fantastic son’s 1st wedding anniversary and VOILA Danh the man and of course yourself made it all possible. I truly wish you could have seen their faces when they saw their gift. It was truly priceless.

We wish we were there indeed- and tip our hat to Shanel for putting together such a fun piece.