A Fantasy Book Cover Design by PhuThieu

Sci-Fi Book Cover Design by PhuThieu via ArtCorgi

Shallow people that we are, we always judge books by their cover, and therefore take orders for book cover art and designs very seriously.

We absolutely love how this book cover design by PhuThieu came out. Michel Apsan, the book’s author, put a great deal of thought into it and from the summary he provided of his story (The Legend of Luno: The Great Tournament of Nyx), it is a rich and fascinating fantasy adventure!

Should you find the book cover to be intriguing, check out the book on Amazon. If you are keen to commission a digital painting from PhuThieu, swing by his commission page! :)

About the Book – Q&A with Michel Apsan

ArtCorgi (AC): Is this your first book? For how long have you been writing fiction?

Michel Apsan (MA): Yes, this is the first one published, but second I wrote in my life. I’ve been writing for about four years now. One year ago I started writing under the tutorship of the James McSill, the literary agent, who taught me how to write properly.

AC: Can you give us a small peek at what the novel is about?

MA: The Legend of Luno series is the story about a boy who finds himself in the middle of the Celestial War between the forces of Light and Darkness. After witnessing the destruction of his village Myriade by the Squadron of Trackers (or scarlet-capes), he is left alone for five years in the Red Forest. Luno spends his time training incessantly in order to exact revenge from the ones responsible for his suffering.

Too bad, after all this time he still proves to be no match for the captain of the Third Tracker’s Squadron and Guardian of Crystal, Elyna who led the massacre. Luno is taken to the capital of Light, Lumina in order to be trained and serve in the War. As his quest for vengeance proceeds in the lion’s den, he finds valuable allies, discovers great secrets about the War that torn his life and is chosen to participate in the deadly Tournament of Nyx.

AC: What inspired this particular story?

MA: Video-games, RPGs mostly. :) While I was young, I used to play a lot of games both in consoles and in my computer, so that gave me inspiration to write about an entirely new universe. The contents, including characters, plot, dialogues and pretty much everything are all original though. This may be surprising, but I was also very much inspired by some classical music composers like Chopin and Liszt, who taught me that almost nothing is impossible in arts (I also used to play the piano).