A Charming Fairy Portrait

Dancing Fairies by Nell Fallcard

This commission by Nell Fallcard, in which two friends have been illustrated as fairies, makes us wish people had more fantasy-themed art made. Why go with a straightforward portrait when a bit of magic can be added?

To commission art in this style, stop by Nell Fallcard’s cartoon-style commission page.

Backstory Behind the Piece

ArtCorgi (AC): What inspired you to have this art made?

Anonymous Commissioner (X): I’m a big collector of quirky and unique art and still a child at heart.

AC: Have you commissioned art in the past?

X: Yup, in a style that is similar to that of this artist.

AC: Art of fairies has been popular for hundreds of years- what do you think it is that makes fairies so compelling and fun to look at? Why did you, personally, choose to have you and your friend drawn with wings?

X: Its definitely the whimsy part where you can still dream and show your inner part. I’m a bit of a Tinkerbell fan – and have the most amazing girlfriends who add magic to my life.