A Personality-Packed Pet Portrait

Dog portraits - Pet Portrait of Four Dogs by Feralkith Before and After via ArtCorgi

Feralkith recently finished this commission featuring four dogs for Amy and we love how each dog’s personality shines through. Amy’s dogs are adorable and we love how the portrait came out.

To commission a pet portrait of your own in this style, visit Feralkith’s commission page.

Backstory Behind the Piece – Q&A with Amy

ArtCorgi (AC): What made you decide to commission art of your dogs?

Amy (A): Well, to be honest my dogs are my world, and for me they’re not just pets they’re my family; and I know they won’t be around forever. So I thought it would be great to get a beautiful piece of art created while they were still alive so I can hang it on my wall and remember them always.

AC: Have you always been a dog person? Did you adopt all four dogs around the same time?

A: As a little girl I was always fascinated by dogs and loved seeing them. Even now while walking down the street I can’t help but stop and admire dogs I see. My dogs actually aren’t adopted. They’re all that one dog from their litters that nobody wanted and yet I always fell in love with them and just had to bring them home.

AC: What advice would you give to someone commissioning a pet portrait for the first time?

A: Hmm, some advice I’d give to people commissioning a pet portrait for the first time is have good reference photos and also trust your artist and their artistic capabilities. Give them total artistic freedom because I guarantee you’ll be beyond happy with the commission if you do. I know I am.