An Epic Pet Portrait by Clay Graham

Mav and Jazz Escaping the Bacon Factory- Before and After - Pet Portrait by Clay Graham via ArtCorgi

When we got a commission order in from Martin, we knew it was going to result in an awesome piece of art. Not only was Martin getting a pet portrait, but his dogs, Maverick and Jasmine, look fantastic and have even better personalities.

Martin decided to have them drawn in Clay Graham’s comic style as superhero-like characters on a wild adventure. Hearing that Maverick is quite the foodie, Clay decided to illustrate the two dogs escaping from an exploding bacon factory.

Should you like to commission art of your own from Clay Graham, swing by his comic illustration commission page.

Background Behind the Piece: Q&A with Martin

ArtCorgi (AC): For how long have you had Maverick and Jasmine? How did you come to adopt them?

Martin (M): Maverick and Jasmine are both 7 years old. I got Maverick when he was 9 to 10 weeks old through an ad on my local newspaper for $50, best $50 I’ve ever spent too. Jasmine is actually my roommate’s dog. He also got her when she was a puppy.

AC: What inspired you to commission art featuring them?

M: I’ve always wanted someone to draw Maverick and knew I found the person to do it after I saw Clay’s work.

AC: We understand Maverick is quite the foodie (hence the bacon bits worked into the piece). What is Maverick’s favorite treat?

M:Beggin’ Strips!