A Sci-Fi Book Cover Illustrated by Nell Fallcard

Gods of the Forest Grove Cover by Nell Fallcard

Nell Fallcard creates some truly impressive illustrations- be they of a family, a couple, or a single fictional character. We find this book cover she made for a short story penned by Eugenia O’Kelly to be particularly compelling.

To commission art of your own in the style, stop by Nell’s commission page.

Backstory Behind the Piece – Q&A with Eugenia

ArtCorgi (AC): What’s the story behind this short story?

Eugenia O’Kelly (EO): “Gods of the Forest Grove” is a short story I wrote for my Religion & Science Fiction class. We had to write a 30 page story taking an existing religious theme and playing with it. I decided to modify Shintoism, an animist religion I had become familiar with while living in Kyoto. In animism, people believe that all things possess souls – some of which can curse and harm humans.

AC: Can you give us the premise of Gods of The Forest Grove?

EO: The story takes place in an alternative version of mid 19th century Japan, where people not only believe in animism, but can see the souls of every creature. The protagonist, Taki, discovers a strange plant with the soul of a god in the mountains. When he shows his friends, however, he discovers that the plant is deadly to humans. Torn between the superstitious fear of the villagers and his own belief that the things are fundamentally good, Taki must find where his responsibility lies.

AC: Why did you decide to commission cover art for this story?

EO: This was the first story I have ever written, so I felt quite uncertain. However, many friends seemed to like the story, passing it on in turn to their friends. They suggested I post it online, and I knew that if you want to get anyone to read something online, YOU NEED IMAGES. And where better to get great cover art than at ArtCorgi.com! I looked through the fantastic fantasy artists on the site and chose Nell Fallcard because of her strong ability to capture atmosphere and characters.

AC: What advice would you give to other authors who are looking for good cover art?

EO: If you are looking to post your story online, or if you just want a good cover image, ArtCorgi is perhaps the least expensive way to get amazing, original art. It is important to consider your story’s tone when picking an artist. You may love one artist’s work, but if their style doesn’t match your story’s style you should find someone else. Also, be clear of your needs when communicating with your artist. For example, if the art is going to be a wrap around print cover the dimensions will be different than the cover of a PDF or eBook.