Jacinta’s Fantasy-Themed ArtCorgi Commission by Absinthe

Jacinta Riding Her Dragon by Absinthe

We love this fantasy piece done by Absinthe! This piece was recently commissioned by Jacinta. We wanted to get to know more about Jacinta and her love for dragons– And also her experience with commissioning art– So read on for more!

“With ArtCorgi… It was so easy to search out an artist whose style I loved, and who in their description could meet my requirements.”

                                                                                       – Jacinta

JacintaArtCorgi: What inspired you to commission this piece? 

Jacinta:This image has always been sitting at the back of my mind and I finally took the steps of hunting down an artist who can turn my thoughts into a reality. Thankfully, with ArtCorgi, my hunting only included a simple click of a button. It was so easy to search out an artist whose style I loved, and who in their description could meet my requirements. I can rest easy now that I have the piece I’ve been day dreaming about.

A: What is it that draws you to dragons?

J: I like to imagine that dragons aren’t just purely evil or vicious murderous beasts; they all have personalities we could find relatable in our common house hold pets. By being drawn with a dragon, I guess I just wanted to be apart of another world.HTTYD Jacinta by Absinthe

A: Some people have trouble thinking up a cool, memorable premise for their commissioned art. As someone who is apparently a natural at this stuff, what advice would you give to them?

J: I’ve commissioned plenty of artworks from artists all over the internet and it doesn’t get any easier. I find inspiration in pinterest or deviant art where I look for artworks that I find fascinating. Being an author also helps that I can use my characters and special scenes from my books that bring out a particular emotion in me as commission pieces. We all have our passions (dragons being one of mine) so I love to surround myself with it as much as possible. Commissioning artists is an easy way to turn whatever it is in your head into a reality.


Thanks, Jacinta! We’re so happy with the finished result too!

If you like this style of art, commission Absinthe here. For more styles, keep exploring ArtCorgi.com to see hundreds more of talented artists.



-ArtCorgi Crew