Fabulous Wedding Invitation Art by Crespella

The Happy Family by Crespella

Irit Paley Crespella BeforeAs a company with romantic origins and a love for furry mascots, we’re suckers for art related to romance and pets, and therefore had a blast working with Irit (and ArtCorgi’s talented Crespella) to create wedding invitation art featuring not just herself and her fetching fiancé, but also her adorable Scottish Fold cat, Marcus.

Irit generously offered to let us share the commission on our blog, plus share some of the backstory behind its inception!

The Story Behind the Commission

ArtCorgi: Why did you decide to commission original art for your wedding invites?

Irit: I think a regular invitation is not as special and personal as an invitation with your face on it. Also, I always wanted someone to draw me, so this was the perfect opportunity.

Marcus the catAC: Your cat is adorable! What is your cat’s name, and will your cat be making an appearance at your wedding as well as on the invites?

I: My cat’s name is Marcus. My cat will not be at our wedding because he would panic meeting 300 people at once… He’d probably run and hide somewhere. So drawing him into our wedding invitation enables him to be present in spirit. Marcus is kind of a celebrity among my friends and even has he’s own Facebook page.

AC: What advice would you give to brides-to-be with regard to commissioning wedding-related art?

I: You need to chose a good, flattering picture of all the figures that will be featured and send a picture of your dream dress and suit to give yourself a glimpse to how perfect you’re going to look in your soon-to-be wedding.

.   .   .

Thanks so much for the fun (and gorgeous) commission, Irit!

For those who would like to commission art of their own from Crespella, we recommend swinging by her sketch portrait page. P