ArtCorgi: Harry’s Commission by Mourphine

The Boat Trip by Mourphine - Commission for Harry

We love this illustration one of our latest clients, Harry, commissioned of himself and one of his friends out on the water. Isn’t it fun? We caught up with Harry to learn more about this piece and what inspired it.

The Story Behind the Commissoin

ArtCorgi: What inspired you to commission art as a gift?

Harry: I felt like a piece of art is something that could bring out the artistic, fun, and lightness aspects of the moment captured by the photo. Also, it just felt really neat and personal to have a drawing alongside with a photo to look at. It’s a really unique way to cherish a moment.

A: The scene you had illustrated is so fun! Can you tell me a bit about that day?

H: It was the last day of our high school band’s international music tour to Chicago. Everyone was taking a walk back to the tour busses from an aquarium, and when the sky cleared up, the Chicago skyline just looked so beautiful that everyone decided to stop for a while and take pictures to cherish this amazing trip with our closest friends.

A: What advice would you give to others who would like to commission an illustration for a friend of theirs?

H: I would say just be clear with what you want. Don’t be shy with telling the artists what is it that you like the most of your reference photos so they can capture and create the same feeling in their drawings!

Thanks Harry for your input! Hope you like the finished piece.

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About Mourphine

“Admittedly, I am a beginning freelance artist, but, as such, I promise to work very hard on your project, and for a minimum cost. I’m extremely diligent and love to draw requests. I’m currently a senior in high school, completely self-taught, and always have time for a commission. I love drawing characters and pictures with a lot of a storytelling element and specialize in Digital Painting, Photoshop, and Sketching.”

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– ArtCorgi Crew