Artists on ArtCorgi: Max Martelli

Max Martelli had recently joined the ArtCorgi community and we must say, we love his black and white style so much! He is a freelance illustrator working in the science fiction, fantasy and horror genre; but here at ArtCorgi he shows off his passion for creating portraitures. Here’s the Q&A he answered down below.

ArtCorgi: What drew you to the art world?Amy Winehouse Portrait by Max Martelli

Max: My father is an artist as well as my aunt so I was always surrounded by it. Some big inspirations for me however was seeing the art of Boris and Frazetta as well as the countless artists working for companies like Wizards of the Coast illustrating games like Magic: the Gathering.

A: What are your strengths and specialties as an artist?

M:  I was classically trained so I have strengths in all of the fundamentals of traditional art. Drawing, color, value, composition, expression.

A: What do you find most challenging about being an artist?

M: The most challenging thing about being an artist is fighting with the part of you that can do nothing but criticize your work. Simply not listening to it and just working seems to be the best defense.

A: What are your future artistic plans? 

M: My future plans as of now are to continue with the path I am on. There are several companies I hope to someday illustrate for but ultimately my main focus is to grow as an artist.

A: What is your favorite genre, style, or subject matter to draw/paint?

M: I am particularly fond of the human figure, the face especially but I am a sci-fi/fantasy illustrator so I do have extensive experience with imagined subjects as well.