An Author Portrait that Mixes Tradition with Style

Portrait of Tina by Windmyll Before and After via ArtCorgi

Given that there is a long history behind illustrated author portraits, we love to see writers keep it alive- with a modern twist, of course! That is exactly what author and writer Tina Alberino did with this fabulous author portrait she commissioned from Windmyll. The neat lines and bold coloring make it come across as polished, while Windmyll’s cartoony style keeps it engaging, approachable, and modern.

Backstory Behind the Portrait – Q&A with Tina Alberino

ArtCorgi (AC): What inspired you to go for an illustrated author’s portrait instead of a photograph in this instance?

Tina Alberino (TA):  My subscribers have been urging me to write a book, so I spent the last year doing so. When the manuscript was finished, the only thing I needed was an author portrait. Unfortunately, I hate being photographed. My facial muscles become uncooperative whenever I’m in front of a camera and it always seems as if my inner awkwardness manifests physically in any professional image I’m in. I look how I feel–insecure and intensely uncomfortable. In addition to my hatred of being photographed, I currently happen to be over eight months pregnant with my third child–and nearly forty pounds heavier than usual. I don’t have the time or desire to go about scheduling a shoot and picking through 1,000 photos (all of which I would be predestined to hate, even if I weren’t the size of a bloated sea cow).

When I read about ArtCorgi in one of the writing blogs I follow, I knew that my solution was an illustrated portrait. I immediately browsed through all of their artists and came across Windmyll. Her style resonated with me. Her work is innocent and clean, but punky and fresh. The faces on her characters were expressive and had intellectual depth to them, which is really unique to see in a cartoon-type illustration. I read her bio and wanted to support her.

AC: What advice would you give to authors who need to find illustrative styles that adequately bring across their unique style and personality?

TA: I’m not certain I’m qualified to give advice to other authors on the artist selection process since I made my selection on a gut feeling (and I suspect many others will just “know” the same way I did), but I can highly recommend ArtCorgi. The process was fast, easy, pleasant, and crazy affordable. I also write fiction under a pen name (to separate my “work” stuff from my “blood, guts, and apocalyptic mayhem” stuff). For those author portraits, I will definitely be utilizing ArtCorgi again. At this point, I’ll never have to sit through another photo session for the rest of my life, and that is awesome!

AC: Could you tell us a bit about your work? Where should potential readers go to learn more about you?

TA: I am a beauty industry blogger, but unlike most beauty bloggers who typically stick to nail polish, makeup tutorials, and beauty trends, my blog ( addresses a very specific niche–labor law, tax law, salon & spa management, and ethical business practices. I also work as a consultant with salon owners and industry professionals, providing business management advice and career coaching. Next year, I’ll be lecturing at beauty shows across the country.