A Fun Way to Capture a Perfect Moment

Portrait of a Laughing Couple Before and After by Mourphine via ArtCorgi

We absolutely love it when people have our artists turn special moments from their lives into works of art. Chris came to us with a particularly fun moment that Mourphine turned into this charming illustration. Though the photo Chris has is super fun, we love the added color and warmth Mourphine’s simple illustration style brings to the scene.

Should you like to commission something in a similar style from Mourphine, swing by her commission page.

Backstory Behind the Piece – Q&A with Chris

ArtCorgi (AC): We love the moment captured in the photo you had turned into an illustration. Was there anything particularly special about the day when it was taken?

Chris (C): The day it was taken, there were some friends from overseas visiting. We’d all be catching up over wine and other spirits and got to the point where things were funny just because. I don’t remember the specific trigger for this photo but I recall whatever was said being absolutely ridiculous and only being really funny to me and my friend in the photo. We had one of our classic 10 minute hysterical laughing sessions. This is the only time it was ever captured on “film”.

AC: What inspired you to turn your photo into an illustration? Had you commissioned art before?

C: I’ve never had anything at all commissioned in any way haha. My friend in the photo is tremendously creative in her gifts and I’m terrible with creativity. I happened upon ArtCorgi randomly and thought that one day it’d be awesome to turn a favored moment into something as unique and just as priceless as the moment itself. I was flipping through photos and came across the one I submitted and knew it was the perfect picture to turn into a work of art.

AC: How did you come to choose Mourphine’s style for this project? What advice would you give to someone who would like to commission an illustration, but does not know whether to go with a realistic or more stylized style?

C: Mourphine’s art was the first one that really captured my attention. All the examples I saw had a look of youthfulness and in a way, immortality. My friend and I will never grow up even as we grow old and I wanted this to be a constant reminder of that. I personally believe the stylized version was perfect for us because of our tendency to be cartoonish is personality and with comical lives. Realistic styles work well for subdued personalities. My friend and I are anything but subdued :).