A Charming Anime Portrait

Sara by Kura-Ou via ArtCorgi Before and After

We get all types of Facebook headshot commission orders and while most of them are within the realistic style range, we also get quite a few requests for stylized portraits, such as this anime-style portrait of Sara created by Kura-Ou.

Backstory Behind the Piece – Q&A with Sara

ArtCorgi (AC): What made you decide to commission a portrait of yourself?

Sara (S): I decided to commission a portrait when I saw you link on my Facebook feed and looked at your site, I thought it would be an awesome thing to own.

AC: What drew you to Kura-Ou’s anime style?

S: I was drawn to Kura-Ou by the colouring style and I also like how the hair is done.

AC: Have you commissioned art before? What tips would you give to those who have no experience commissioning original art but would like to give it a try?

S: I have never commissioned art before, and I loved the experience. I appreciated the emails sent to me in a timely manner, Simone was very helpful and I liked how I was asked questions and for feedback about the piece before it was completed. I will use this site again in the future for presents for friends :)