A Family Fairy Tale Portrait

The Fairy Tale Family and Their Kingdom by Louie Zong

Louie Zong recently created this irresistibly cute family portrait featuring a vibrant fairy tale theme for Mathew. We love the colors Louie used and the personal details that have been worked into the piece.

You can commission original art from Louie in this style on his detailed digital illustrations commission page.

The Story Behind The Commission

Simone (S): What inspired you to commission art of your family? Is there anything in particular for you that makes illustrations different from photos (edited or otherwise)?

M: I wanted to do commission art of my family because I have always loved the idea of different art styles, while I can honestly say that I cannot draw at all I really appreciate just how many different styles are out there. I think illustrations are different then photos because it allows the imagination of the artist to truly come out, while a photo can be amazing at the end of the day it can only be a photo, a drawing can be anything.

S: Does your family like to read fairy tales together? Is there a favorite story amongst the bunch?

M: We love to watch them together. I think the favorite right now has to be Frozen, before that it was Tangled. Usually if the fairy tale has a princess in it we are good to go.

S: Your daughter is adorable in princess form! Does she have a favorite princess?

M: I really do not believe she has a favorite princess, she just loves the idea of princess. Anything princess related usually gets her attention and she really enjoys it. She always goes around the house telling me and her mom that she is a princess.