A Fun Portrait of Sarah and Her Birds

Portrait of a Girl wtih Chickens and a Duck Before and After by Eboncloud via ArtCorgi

We love getting pet portrait commission orders, and this commission in particular stood out to us because it is not every day that our artists have the opportunity to illustrate beautiful chickens and ducks!

Sarah, our super fun client and the purple-haired woman in the illustration, decided to work with Eboncloud for this project.

You can commission a pet portrait of your own from Eboncloud by placing an order through her digital illustrations commission page.

Backstory Behind the Piece – Q&A with Sarah

ArtCorgi (AC): What is your favorite thing about having birds as pets (as opposed to cats, dogs, or fish)?

Sarah (S): I’ve just always loved birds. They’re easy to care for and are fun to watch.

AC: How did you come to adopt two chickens and a duck?

S: I’ve lived chickens every since I got my first one when I was a kid. And I wanted these ones when I found about the breed because they are so fluffy! And I wanted a duck because they always seem so friendly.

AC: What inspired you to commission a portrait of you and your pets?

S: I wanted a picture of them because I thought I’d would be a cute idea.