A Custom Christmas Portrait by TheMeeDes

Christmas Simone and ArtCorgi Corgi with Santas Sleigh Before and After by TheMeeDes via ArtCorgi

Portrait by TheMeeDesI got an early Christmas surprise this week! TheMeeDes debuted a new, full body portrait style and created a sample image featuring me in Santa’s sleigh, led by a giant ArtCorgi corgi. :D Needless to say, I adore it.

You can commission a special illustration of your own in this style by visiting TheMeeDes’ full body portrait commission page.

TheMeeDes also offers beautiful bust portraits, which you can order on her sketchy portraits page.

Both styles make for fabulous gifts, stationery designs, and wall art, not to mention social media avatars.

Now is the time to begin thinking about thoughtful holiday gifts, and we think it is pretty hard to beat something as fun and original as made-to-order art.