Artists on ArtCorgi: Shirley Jackson

Corgi Cutie-by ShirleyShirley Jackson is one of many of ArtCorgi’s positive and energizing artists as her work is to “bring sunshine, magic, and imagination back into the world.”  She is a freelance illustrator and a also a great printmaker who hopes to expand her work into children’s books and character design. Read more about Shirley below.

ArtCorgi: What drew you to the art world?

Shirley: I’m a visual person so of course I was drawn to fantastic illustrations people have done showing fantasy worlds, creatures, and magical moments.

A: What are your strengths and specialties as an artist?

S: I love my imagination and I’m a kid at heart. With my work, I strive to illustrate that kind of childish imagination and magic I see and feel to bring some sunshine into someone’s life.

I love drawing animals and so they’re one of my specialties to illustrate.

A: What do you find most challenging about being an artist?

S: There are quite a few things I find difficult and challenging.

I have a strong moral sense and I refuse to illustrate for, or illustrate things that I do not agree with. I’m out some jobs, but I don’t ever feel like I’m selling my soul. I want to be proud of every piece I do, and I want to do so without compromising my beliefs and values.

I also have a hard time with not comparing myself to others. I want to be one of the best, and it’s hard to keep going when you see someone else better than you. But I keep reminding myself that I shouldn’t be jealous, but rather, see other artists as inspiration to continue improving.

I try to keep in mind that we’re all different flavours of ice cream. And one flavour isn’t better than the other. People just prefer different flavours. But we’re all delicious.

A: What are your future artistic plans?

S: My futuristic artist plans are to become a successful, and amazing, freelance illustrator who makes enough money to house and care for rescue animals.

A: What is your favorite genre, style, or subject matter to draw/paint?

S: My favourite subject matter to paint are animals! My favourite style is probably my flat poster style. I love being able to create shapes and imagery with only 3 colours.

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Thanks, Shirley! We’re so glad to have you as an ArtCorgi artist.

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