ArtCorgi: Sara’s Commission of Rich by Zanny

Sara's Commission by Zanny

Rich the PolicemanWe’d like to recognize ArtCorgi’s own, Zanny, for creating a portrait commissioned by Sara. Sara commemorated Rich’s 25 years of service in the police department so we wanted to know more about her and Rich’s life a little better! We love the final portrait of Rich and glad Sara does as well.

“I am totally delighted with this commission!  Couldn’t be happier  Zanny did an amazing job of capturing Rich in her art!”

“Rich has been a police officer for 25 years and just retired on June 1, so this commission is especially important to me to give to him as a gift for all of his years of service and to show him how very, very proud I am of him!  His integrity through the years has amazed me and my pride is honestly endless and more than I can express in words alone and that integrity and my pride in him was my inspiration in commissioning this work of art for him.  It had to be personal and oh, my, Zanny was brilliant in making that happen!

In terms of using how the final portrait is going to be used, Sara is to frame the piece and “hang it along side his framed badges, patches and acroutements [Rich] has earned in his 25 years as a police officer.”

Thanks Sara for your cheerful response and thank you Rich for your years of service! Have a happy retirement!

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– ArtCorgi Crew