A Warm and Cozy Family Portrait by Louie Zong

Michelle Gilbert Family by Louie Zong Before and After - ArtCorgi

Family portraits are the best! Though we love it when clients commission family portraits with battle, sci-fi, or fantasy themes, nothing beats some old-fashioned cozy nostalgia, and we think there is plenty of that timeless charm worked into this illustration Michelle commissioned from Louie Zong.

Backstory Behind the Piece – Q&A with Michelle

ArtCorgi (AC): What inspired you to commission this portrait of your family?

Michelle (M): I was looking for something that would make an awesome gift, that would be significantly meaningful and would be family oriented.

AC: The reference photo you provided is really sweet- was it taken on a special occasion?

M: Yes, the picture was taken on my sons first Christmas.

AC: How will you be using this art now that it is finished?

M: I will be using it as my Facebook cover picture, and – since it was such a great piece, I will be getting it printed out and framed.