Lewis’ Comic-Style Portrait

Lewis by Blacksmiley via ArtCorgi Before and After

Blacksmiley is quite the popular artist on ArtCorgi! Her black and white comic style is one of our best sellers.

Here is a portrait she created for Lewis. Fun, right?

Backstory Behind the Piece – Q&A with Lewis

ArtCorgi (AC): What inspired you to turn a photo of you into an illustration? What do illustrations show that photos can’t?

Lewis (L): I like illustrations because they stand out so much more than other pictures, especially when they have a striking art style, like blacksmiley’s.

AC: We love the reference photo you chose. Is there anything special about when or where it was taken, or is it just a good photo of you?

L: It’s only special in that it’s a rare photo where I don’t look completely awful :)

AC: What drew you to Blacksmiley’s comic style?

L: I used to read comic books a lot as a kid. That and I wanted to see what the website was like by picking a slightly cheaper commission.

AC: Have you commissioned art before?

L: I haven’t commissioned art before, but I’ll definitely do it again!