Crystal’s Whimsical YouTube Portrait

ArtCorgi Commission for Crystal by AruRmz Before and After

Crystal commissioned this anime-style portrait from AruRmz for her YouTube channel, which we recommend checking out!

Backstory Behind the Piece: Q&A with Crystal

ArtCorgi (AC): What inspired you to commission this art?

Crystal (C): I wanted to commission this art for my gaming channel so people could see who I am and my personality. Part of my channel is what I call Whimsical Walkthroughs and a fantasy theme seemed appropriate. Some people may question “Well why the chair when you have wings?”. I thought a lot about it and decided I wanted the chair because it just wouldn’t be me. When you are in a game, you can be anything. Even so, you are still you. That’s what I wanted to get across with this piece. No matter who you are or what your situation may be, your imagination is never hindered. So game on and dream! Of course I couldn’t do it without my little companion. She’s always hovering around me. What better way to put her in if not to give her dragon wings?

AC: How did you go about selecting an artist/style?

C: I always loved Amy Brown art which was a basis for the fantasy theme. I also wanted something cool and original with more of a cartoon base. I thought anime style would be fitting. I started looking around your site and I found Alba’s page. Her style really got my attention and seemed like it would be the perfect fit. I was so right. The art turned out amazing.

AC: What advice would you give to a friend who is commissioning art for the first time?

C: I would tell them to think about what you want to say with the piece and what type of style you want to use. Once you have an idea, then I would look around ArtCorgi til you find the right artist for you. Sometimes you can even get ideas just by seeing the commissions that been done. So many talented artists it was hard for me to choose at first. I would definitely recommend this site.