The Perfect Birthday Gift for A Beatles Fan

The Birthday Commission by Bloodyman88 via ArtCorgi

Sometimes people commission art gifts on ArtCorgi that make us realize we SERIOUSLY up our birthday gifting game. The commission above, which Igor ordered from Bloodyman88 as a birthday gift for his father, serves as an excellent case in point.

Can you imagine getting a portrait of your younger self, your son, and your dog performing as a rock band on your birthday?? We love the idea of gifting a commissioned painting that encapsulates shared passions rather than framing an old vacation photo— it shows how much the collective good memories really mean to the gifter.

Backstory Behind the Piece: Q&A with Igor

ArtCorgi (AC) What inspired you to commission this art?

Igor (I): I wanted to get my father a unique birthday gift and had exhausted the classic dad gift ideas (wallet, sun glasses, pen, whiskey glasses, etc). I came across various private commissioned art pieces on Reddit in the past and began exploring the available commissioning options. Did I mention I love Corgis? Given my new need and my dog preference history, Google’s algorithm saw to it that ArtCorgi would find its way to me. The rest is history and the art is awesome.

AC: Are you and your father musicians? Or just big Beatles fans? What is your favorite Beatles album?

I: We are musicians only in spirit, more so music enthusiasts, but we love the Beatles. My father introduced me to the Beatles at an early age. They were his favorite band from his youth in Soviet Russia. The White Album is definitely the favorite.

AC: What advice would you give to a friend commissioning art for the first time?

I: The most important choice, besides choosing ArtCorgi, is the artist you pick. Take a look at prior work. They all have range, but most artist have a clear style. Don’t assume that any artist will be able to create the setting/feeling/vibe you are imagining. Try to find someone’s work that makes your imagination tingle.