A Fabulous Business Owner Gets Drawn Sporting Her Product

ArtCorgi Commission by Elisa Moriconi

ArtCorgi artists often receive requests that special snacks, accessories, and clothing to be worked into the portraits portraits they draw. We love these requests, as each little addition reveals fun details about the individual being drawn. In requesting a special addition to this portrait by Elisa Moriconi, Bethany, the subject, revealed herself to be an entrepreneur! Her cute shirt styling turns out to be a product of ShiZZles, a product she created to spice up shirt wearing.

Backstory Behind the Piece: Q&A with Bethany

ArtCorgi (AC): What inspired you to commission this art?

Bethany (B): A photographer friend recently commissioned Elisa Moriconi on ArtCorgi to make a character of her for her business. She posted the finished image on Facebook and I immediately fell in love with your style and knew I had to have one made for my business. I immediately purchased the design and sent in the needed photos and information.

AC: Can you tell us a bit about your shirt design? What are ShiZZles?

B: ShiZZles are a piece of jewelry that instantly transforms your t-shirt into a tank top. It keeps those sleeves rolled up in a fun fashionable way.

AC: What advice would you give to a friend commissioning art for the first time?

B: Don’t be afraid. The artist holds your hand through every step of the process asking for your input and for changes you might like along the way. The turnaround time is lightning fast. My draft was completed in 24 hours. I was impressed! You can’t go wrong with ArtCorgi.