Jennifer’s Romantic Couple Portrait

Jennifer by Louie Zong via ArtCorgi Before and After

Isn’t it funny how works of art really shine when some romance is in the mix? We will never get tired of romantic commission orders and are particularly pleased when couples ask us to work special moments from their lives into their art.

Such is the case with this charming illustration created by Louie Zong for Jennifer, which features a spur-of-the-moment trip she and her (now) husband Jake took to see a tulip festival in Washington. The piece ended up being incorporated into their wedding, which is a true honor!

Backstory Behind the Piece – Q&A with Jennifer

ArtCorgi (AC): How was this commission used?

Jennifer (J): We used the AMAZING piece that Louie did for us at our wedding. We want our guests to sign the commissioned art instead of a regular guest book. Regular guest books get put in a drawer and never looked at again, NOT ours. We will proudly display this lovely work on our wall in our new home.

AC: How did you meet your fiancé?

J: Jake and I are one of those fun loving couples that you see on TV who met on Eharmony. After more than a year of being together we are finally saying “I Do” on September.

AC: How did you end up at a tulip festival?

J: The tulip festival in Washington was a total spur of the moment idea. I saw it on Pinterest as a travel destination. I mentioned it to Jake and the next thing you know we hit the road and drove 8 hours to partake in the festival. It wasn’t a planned trip but more of a spur of the moment trip BUT it was by far the BEST trip we have taken together. Who would think that millions of tulips for miles and miles could be so fun?