ArtClings – An Entirely New Way to Display Your Art

Today we are launching, a site powered by ArtCorgi that enables you to commission a physical piece of art in the form of an ArtCling- a piece of high quality adhesive fabric which can be as small as a sticker or as large as a full wall mural that can immediately be displayed on your walls, windows, doors, and laptops.

ArtClings are self-adhesive and can be removed and re-hung hundreds of times without losing adhesion, leaving a mark, or damaging surfaces. They are created on demand in the United States, using a premium, re-positionable fabric that sticks to almost any surface, from walls and windows to ceilings and around corners. ArtClings are available in a range of customer-selected sizes – from pieces that fit on the back of a laptop to giant wall-to-wall murals.

For a quick look at how they work, check out the quick video demo below:

Prices start at $15 but, even a piece like a custom-made mural will not cost more than $1500. For example, on, a customer could buy a 24” by 36” artistic representation of the moment they proposed featuring themselves for only $156.

ArtClings are produced by Walls360, which creates amazing on-demand wall graphics and custom, self-adhesive promotional products for artists, brands, and digital content partners worldwide. Walls360 wall graphics are created on-demand at the Walls360 wall graphics factory in Las Vegas, Nevada, and shipped to customers globally (though for now, we’re sticking with US shipping only).

We’re astounded by the quality of their prints (and now have them all over our home) and are very excited to be embarking on this partnership with them!