Eric the Barbarian

Eric the Barbarian by Namio via ArtCorgi

Eric by Namio Reference PhotoIn August, we ran a raffle and commission giveaway on our Facebook page, the winner of which was Eric! What he ultimately decided to commission was a portrait of himself by Namio in which he is styled as a barbarian. We are thrilled with the result, and love it whenever people commission off-the-beaten-track portraits of themselves.

To commission your own portrait of this style, swing by Namio’s digital paintings commission page.

Q&A with Eric

ArtCorgi (AC) What inspired you to commission a portrait of yourself as a barbarian?

Eric (E): Since highschool my nickname has been the Barbarian. or Barbaro in spanish. one of my teachers made the nickname and it stuck. i like it a lot and all my friends, and co workers know me like that but untill now i wasn’t able to have an art that represents that nickname.

AC: We wish more people would commission cool portraits like this. What advice would you give to those who are nervous about going off the beaten track with portraits (e.g. to not just ask an artist to copy a photo)?

E: The best recomendation i can give to anyone that wants something original is to give the artist all the freedom that he or she wants. That makes the best art and it is a lot of fun to see the results in the end.