Working Original Characters Into Portraits

Frank-with-Kapow-and-Kaboom by Windmyll via ArtCorgi Before and After

We recently posted a Firefly-inspired portrait commissioned from one of our favorite clients, Frank, but long before he commissioned that piece, he had this illustration made by Windmyll. Isn’t it fun?

It features Frank and his two WildStar characters, Kapow and Kaboom. We love it when people step into their favorite games, stories, and lore through art, so commissions of this sort make our day. We hope more are soon to come!

Backstory Behind the Piece: Q&A with Frank

ArtCorgi (AC): What inspired you to commission a piece of original art?

Frank (F): I always loved fan art for video games, I used to follow MMOART before their unfortunate closure, luckily I was able to get one of my old City of Heroes characters commissioned (Which is still, to this date hanging up on my wall), but when I found out on twitter that some one had got their character done here I figured, why not give this site a try? And honestly, I was not disappointed!

AC: Kapow and Kaboom look awesome. Can we have a bit of backstory?

F: When ever I start a new online game I like to have a new alias, kinda like starting a new life in a new town you just moved to. Being a fan of comic books ranging from the classic Beano, to the adventurous Green Lantern I felt as if Kapow and Kaboom was quite fitting for a game like Wildstar a sci-fi online world that’s based on various comic books and sci-fi series.

For Kapow I chose her as my mighty Warrior, strong and dependable, wielding her oversized enchanted sword into battle she doesn’t back down from a fight easy, nor is she afraid to start one either. She is some one who loves to fight the good fight even if it’s just for the pure fun of it. A proud sort but full of spirit she’s also known to be quite mischievous and a bit of a prankster. You’ll often find her saying “Always live life to the full, other wise whats the point?”

As for Kaboom she is my trusty magical gunslinger who’s not only fun but she is also the joyful/playful kind. She’s the kind and sweet but deadly with her twin pistols, definitely some one you don’t want to get on her bad side. She’s extremely dexterous and can literally build just about any thing, her motto in life is “Anythings possible, just got to put your mind to it.” Just, word of the wise; don’t make fun of her. Or you may find your self “accidentally” lost in another dimension.

AC: The slice of pizza is one of my favorite things about this commission (now I want food in all of the pieces I have done). Why did you decide to have the delicious cheesy cuisine incorporated into this piece?

F: What can I say? I love pizza. What I want to know is how did you know that I loved Pepperoni?