I. H. Laking’s ArtCorgi Book Cover Design

The Vanishing Villa Cover Design by Louie Zong via ArtCorgi

Though we specialize in consumer commissions (personal art for everyday people), we love working on special projects for businesses, celebrities, writers, game designers, and schools.

One such special project to come through our gates as of late was a book cover design done by Louie Zong for the Australia-based author I. H. Laking. Louie’s art looks enchanting and it looks fabulous as the cover of The Vanishing Villa on Amazon.com.

Never to miss an opportunity to chat with one of our cooler clients, we asked I. H. Lacking for some Q&A and he kindly obliged. Learn more about his background and books below!

The Vanishing Villa on AmazonArtCorgi (AC): For how long have you been writing?

I. H. Laking (IHL): I’ve been writing blogs and articles for years, but I only tried my hand at fiction this year.

AC: What is The Vanishing Villa about?

IHL: It’s the second part of my detective short story trilogy; a house mysteriously disappears in the middle of a wealthy suburb, and Inspector Ambrose is called in to investigate.

AC: What other books do you have out? Are they very different in terms of audience or genre?

IHL: All my stories are written for older children, and are part of a fantasy universe. I have two other short stories out at the moment; Mrs Milliard’s Mech is the first part of the detective trilogy, while Qan’s Adventure is set in the same universe and introduces a character from The Vanishing Villa in more detail.

AC: The scene on the book cover you commissioned is quite compelling. Who are the characters, and what is happening?

IHL: The scene features Ambrose, his partner Percy, and a Dwarf Mech exploring a forgotten temple. There are trees growing out of the roof of the temple, alongside bright chandeliers and stone pillars that hold the roof up. Louie Zong really captured the moment, the colours and the feel of the scene well, which is awesome!

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To commission art of your own in this style, swing by Louie Zong’s Detailed Digital Illustrations commission page.