An Unforgettable Birthday Present

Painting of Warriors Riding War Dogs Across the Landscape by Bloodyman88 via ArtCorgi

This commission, created by Bloodyman88, is meant as a birthday gift from a man (pictured riding the black Newfoundland) to his girlfriend (pictured riding the corgi). Isn’t it fun?? Beats the heck out of a bottle of perfume in our opinion. ;)

To commission work of your own by Bloodyman88, swing by his character design commission page.

Backstory Behind the Commission

ArtCorgi (AC): What inspired you to commission this piece?

I wanted a unique present that went beyond the usual choices — something you can’t order on Amazon or pick up at grocery store. I’d seen some pretty bizarre “giant corgi” art before and thought that I could top it with this piece.

AC: What lead to your choice in dog breeds?

Corgis are her favorite breed, Newfoundlands are mine. That simple.

AC: We love crazy scenes like these. What advice would you give to those who would like to commission something epic but do not know where to start?

Giant animals can make any scene epic. Giant animals riding into battle is a no-brainer.