I was really happy to discover ArtCorgi (by word of mouth) as there was never an application or system in place that organized commissions like this online (not that I’ve heard of). I’ve been around since Oekaki boards were the mainstream showcasing for art, and it kind of blows my mind that nothing like this has come around until now. On top of an amazing idea that is ArtCorgi, I also think that it’s very impressive the way each commission page is edited and cared for by the ArtCorgi staff. Hot damn!
Milled / ArtCorgi Artist
Sean Mehra
I discovered Artcorgi through a friend posting about it in Facebook. I had been searching high and low for a thoughtful and sentimental gift idea for my girlfriend and our one year. When I checked out the site, I though it was too good to be true! Commissioned art as easy as this?? I had to give it a try. And not just for my girlfriend, but I immediately used it for my parents anniversary as well and my sisters birthday. The experience of working with the artist and ArtCorgis customer service team was a delight that exceeded my expectations of responsiveness, turnaround time, receptiveness to feedback, and friendliness. I highly recommend the service to anybody looking for a unique gift idea that is timeless, thoughtful, sentimental, and guaranteed to please.
Sean Mehra / Client
Sara Arell
I am so happy with my commissioned art from ArtCorgi and from Zanny! My art is now at the Frame Shop being framed as a gift for my amazing, wonderful husband who has just retired from the Hendersonville Police Department and it turned out beautifully. Zanny really captured Rich from a photo that wasn’t the best quality photo and her artwork looks just like him! I will definitely be ordering again in the future. In fact, I have another idea I’m conjuring up in my head for Zanny to do!
Thank you so much – ArtCorgi is very patient and yes, we had many emails going back and forth to get every detail we could possibly get just perfect and Zanny could not have captured Rich any better! The people in the frame shot recognized Rich right away from the art that Zanny put so much time into – so I can’t wait for Rich to see it!
Thank you so much! I so appreciate working with you.
Sara Arell / Client (Ordered a portrait of her husband Rich from Zanny)