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Ryan Vallejo Illustrated by Skitsskat

Ryan Vallejo Before and After by Skitsskat via ArtCorgi

One thing we love about Skitsskat is her impressive variation. In addition to her super informal sketch style and her playful cartoony style (shown here), Skitsskat creates incredible realistic portraits. That said, who needs realism when one can get something so fun and stylized? We love this portrait Skitsskat created for YouTuber Ryan Vallejo, who […]

Adventure Portraits with JD and Gabriel

JD, a fan of two fabulous things- Adventure Time and his cat Gabriel- decided to combine the two in this fantastic set of portraits by Skitsskat. We love them! JD has been watching and enjoying Adventure Time since it first came out and all the while has been going on adventures of his own with […]

Portrait of a Musical Duo: Cole & Younger

Cole and Younger by Skitsskat via ArtCorgi

Skitsskat recently released a realistic commission style that was put to excellent use by a musical duo known as Cole & Younger. Farnell Cole and Dave Younger live in far-flung locations in the United States and came to us for a portrait as they had no photos of the two of them together that they […]