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An Illustrated Going Away Present

ArtCorgi Commission by Fleur Sciortino Before and After via ArtCorgi

When a good friend leaves town for school or a new job, our typical response— if we are really on our game, is to get them a nice card. Ciaran left us in the good friendship dust, however, by creating card that features an original, illustrated scene! Fleur Sciortino created the art. You can learn […]

A Second Year Wedding Anniversary Portrait

Second Anniversary Couple Portrait by Mourphine via ArtCorgi

We are always thrilled when we have the opportunity to share a new couple portrait with you, and the rough simplicity of this style (a trademark of Mourphine’s Simple Character illustration style) adds an extra kick of genuine love and earnestness to the piece that we just adore. You can learn more about the couple […]

The Perks of an Illustrated Professional Portrait

Stephen Before and After by Crespella via ArtCorgi

Crespella’s sketch portrait style has become quite popular amongst those looking for illustrated alternatives to their default professional portraits, be they for LinkedIn profiles, author portraits, or company websites. Stephen recently commissioned this portrait of himself in the style and we think it came out quite nicely. Below he shares some interesting insights on what […]

The Perfect Birthday Gift for A Beatles Fan

The Birthday Commission by Bloodyman88 via ArtCorgi

Sometimes people commission art gifts on ArtCorgi that make us realize we SERIOUSLY up our birthday gifting game. The commission above, which Igor ordered from Bloodyman88 as a birthday gift for his father, serves as an excellent case in point. Can you imagine getting a portrait of your younger self, your son, and your dog […]

A Fabulous Business Owner Gets Drawn Sporting Her Product

ArtCorgi Commission by Elisa Moriconi

ArtCorgi artists often receive requests that special snacks, accessories, and clothing to be worked into the portraits portraits they draw. We love these requests, as each little addition reveals fun details about the individual being drawn. In requesting a special addition to this portrait by Elisa Moriconi, Bethany, the subject, revealed herself to be an […]

A Wild Portrait of a Musical Duo

Lamaus Musical Duo Portrait Before and After by Denitsa Trandeva via ArtCorgi

It is just about as rare for us to hear from agents as it is to receive reference images in the form of MS Paint doodles, but both things happened with this commission order for the musical duo Lamaus. Denitsa Trandeva was commissioned to create this illustration in her signature Character Illustration style. We love […]

An Unforgettable Portrait for a Star Wars Fan

Star Wars Inspired Portrait of a Sith Woman by Kim Sokol via ArtCorgi

As unabashed Star Wars fans and suckers for awesome gifts, we could not help but go wild for this art commissioned by Justin Hall from Kim Sokol. Going for a modified version of Kim’s digital portraits style, Justin requested a Star Wars-inspired portrait of his girlfriend Dora and we like to think the result does […]

A Gorgeous Anime Portrait for a Pokemon Fan

Art by Lucía García

John has a friend who is fond of Pokemon and thought it would be nice to surprise her with a Pokemon-inspired portrait. What a nice gesture! He chose Lucía García as his artist and the result is very vibrant and happy. We’re pleased with how it came out and hope John’s friend likes it, too! […]

A Playful Portrait for a Family-Friendly Photographer

Dani by Elisa Moriconi Before and after via ArtCorgi

We are of the strong opinion that Elisa Moriconi’s Cute Comic Portraits don’t get nearly enough play, so we were thrilled when family and lifestyle photographer Dani Cavazzi decided to order one. Isn’t it lovely? We think it is a perfect avatar for a photographer who is capable of snapping flattering family photos (we all […]

A Whimsical Author Portrait

Portrait of a Romance Author Before and After by Angeline Roussel via ArtCorgi

C.J. Harwin, a debuting romance novelist, commissioned THE BEST author portrait from Angeline Roussel! We’re crazy about the piece’s whimsical composition (that, rather than posing in a straightforward manner, C.J. is pictured peeking over her book) and that the the book in the foreground is sporting a majestic narwal on its cover. To commission a […]