A Super Fun Anime Portrait

William by Kura-Ou via ArtCorgi Before and After Chibi

While most of the headshot orders we get are not stylized, we love it when customers go out on a limb and have themselves drawn in anime, comic, or other sorts of exaggerated style. Half the fun of being drawn is knowing that you can go outside the bounds of reality!

We are particular fond of this headshot William Thomas commissioned from Kura-Ou- especially because it includes some pretty awesome headgear! Just to be awesome, Kura-Ou even created a bonus chibi portrait for William Thomas to enjoy, which we think is the bee’s knees.

Backstory Behind the Piece – Q&A with William Thomas

ArtCorgi (AC): What inspired you to commission a portrait of yourself?

William Thomas (WT): I wanted to have a good profile image for my YouTube channel and just by coincidence I saw Art Corgi appear on Facebook so I thought I would check it out. After visiting the website I was amazed as the variety of different art styles and decided to get a new profile image created for me.

AC: We love the puffer fish hat. What circumstances lead you to have one on your head?

WT: I was in Japan visiting family and just happened to stumble across the Puffer Fish hat in a department store. I was with my mum and sister at the time and we thought it was so funny when I put the hat on.There’s always plenty of entertaining products to be found in Japan.

AC: What do you like about anime styles? Is there anything in particular about anime that lead you to choose an anime-style portrait?

WT: I’ve really liked anime since I was a child. Being half Japanese I grew up watching lots of anime so I guess it just feels natural to me when I see anime-style art work.