A Playful Illustration for Stubbs Obedience

Stubbs Obedience by Clay Graham Before and After via ArtCorgi

Though most of our clients commission illustrations for personal use, we love working with businesses and brands, and one of our favorite clients on that front is Ryan, whose business, Stubbs Obedience, helps to train dogs that many typical owners would have a difficult time working with.

This particular piece he commissioned is inspired by the show Sons of Anarchy and we find it to be the perfect combination of playful and badass. We also love that the illustration features Ryan and his personal pit bull pets, which help to rehabilitate the other dogs that go through Stubbs Obedience’s training program.

Clay Graham did the art for this piece. You can commission an illustration of your own from him in this style by visiting his comic/cartoon style commission page.

Backstory Behind the Piece – Q&A with Ryan

ArtCorgi (AC): What gave you the idea to commission this piece?

Ryan (R): I wanted an artistic representation of the business that was both fun and professional, and displayed what the business was truly about- dogs and teamwork and dedication.

AC: Can you tell us more about Stubbs Obedience? When did the business launch?

R: Stubbs Obedience Inc. provides behavior based dog training in Fort McMurray, AB. It focusses on training dogs with behavioral issues, and at its core, training dogs that people are close to giving up on. The business, launched full time in January 2014.

AC: What inspired you to incorporate this awesome Sons of Anarchy theme?

R: First of all, Sons of Anarchy is a phenomenal show and I am a huge fan! Since watching the show, I thought it would be a great idea to make clothing for my dogs to show how integral they are to my line of work. My two pit bulls, Jessica-Lou, and Austin are the vice president and sgt-at-arms of the business, as I use them both to help rehabilitate other dogs. Without them, I could not do what I do. Since we were getting a new puppy, I thought it would be really cute to give her the “prospect” patch- after all, she has to grow, train and earn her full patch to be able to do what the other two pups do. These are the members of the Stubbs Obedience pack.