Artists on ArtCorgi: Stephanie Campbell

Self Portrait- Bust by Stephanie CampbellStephanie Campbell digitally paints realistic portraits using striking colors to enhance her work. Take a read at her and her style at

Stephanie is a recent graduate of Kendall College of Art in Michigan and has been traveling across the country to find a steady job as an illustrator and a freelance artist.

ArtCorgi: What drew you to the art world?

Stephanie: My uncle was an animator for a local ad agency and I learned everything he had to teach before I was ten. I started freeze-framing and copying Disney movies and making flip books when I was twelve.

A: What are your strengths and specialties as an artist?

S: I have spent most of my life doing the basics self-taught drawing faces, hands, and full figures. I am very practiced at hyperrealism and facial expression.

A: What do you find most challenging about being an artist?

S: The most challenging part of being an artist is finding the people who will pay you more than minimum wage- that’s why I love ArtCorgi’s marketing!

A: What are your future artistic plans?

S: I don’t know yet what I want to do with my art. I have had ambitions of being an animator, a young-reader book illustrator, a graphic novel author, a video game UX artist, and portrait painter.

A: What is your favorite genre, style, or subject matter to draw/paint?

S: I love fantasy illustration. I spend so much time drawing so much realism and everday-ism that I spend my free time doing absolutely bizarre creatures and scenes.


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