Help Us Share Your Artistic Adventures!

ArtCorgi Support Artists

This week, we kicked off a fresh series of targeted ad campaigns using Facebook and AdWords to discover which sorts of online audiences will be most interested in commissioning art from you. We’re starting with ads targeted at newly-engaged women who might like to commission original art for wedding invitations, favors, gifts, and keepsakes. Next week, we’re testing ads targeted at people who might be interested in commissioning custom social media avatars. We hope this means you’ll be getting some fresh orders, soon!

To spur even more commissions, we need your help with two things: spreading the word and telling us your story.

Tell Us Your Story

As part of our general effort to raise awareness about the online art community, we’ve begun researching and preparing some articles on the online arts scene that we’ll publish on various sites and news outlets online.

We would love to include your story, as an artist, amongst these articles, guest posts, and blog entries. If you have created some work that others would get a kick out of (such as fun fan art, or art commenting on current events or pop culture in some way), or are involved in a cool art-related project online, tell us about it!

We’re keen to get your story out there, and would love to interview you about your experience.

Spread The Word

We need your help spreading the word about ArtCorgi amongst potential clients. Please tell your friends and family about ArtCorgi and the fact that they can use it to commission affordable, original, and awesome works of art.

Want to create a special banner for your site? Here is an image you’re welcome to use, though we also encourage you to make something fun of your own. Should you like to use one of our ArtCorgi icons/images, make use of our image library!

And remember that you can get a 5% cut of any sale you drive to ArtCorgi by using a link gained through our referral program– whether you’re within our network or not!