A Romantic Mexico City Marriage Proposal

Illustration of a Marriage Proposal by Sumi via ArtCorgi

Our hearts always skip a beat when people come to us with marriage proposal commissions. These are big deal projects that we always hope will become home run hits!

We are pleased as punch to learn that the marriage proposal associated with the commission above was an utter and complete success. The scene depicts the Mexico City restaurant in which our client, David, ultimately proposed to his girlfriend over the holidays (she said yes!). At this point, we have had several clients who have commissioned illustrations of their marriage proposal scenes before they take place, which enables them to capture the moment while still having it be very private and intimate.

David even had a puzzle created with the illustration and had his fiancée put it together, which added a lovely element of suspense to the reveal of the image. What a splendid idea!

Sumi created this fabulous illustration. To commission your own illustration in this style, swing by her mixed media commissions page.