ArtCorgi: Rebecca Niesen’s Commission by C. Day

Portrait of Rebecca by C Day

C. Day was recently commissioned by Rebecca Niesen to create a digital portrat. C. Day is a self taught artist based in Seattle, Washington who specializes in cartoon, anime and realistic art styles. We love the whimsical style of this portrait, so we asked Rebecca on her take of commissioning artists.

“Be specific… You can never have too many details!”

                                                          – Niesen

RebeccaArtCorgi: This is a really lovely piece of art. What gave you the inspiration for this commission and its premise?

Rebecca: I’ve always enjoyed other people drawing characters and I thought it would be great to see what I would look like as a character. I was inspired by another photo I saw of a couple by C. Day and immediately knew I wanted her to draw a portrait of what I would look like as a character because of the feeling that was captured in that photo.

A: Had you ever commissioned art before?

R: I don’t think I have. I used to get charactures from artist that went to the County Fairs, but none where it was thought out and made with my opinions.

A: Now that you’ve just gone through the art commissioning process, what advice would you give to someone who has never commissioned a portrait or illustration before?

R: I would say be specific. Even if they don’t ask about these points of detail tell them about colors, facial features, body position, background, and anything that you feel would complete the art. You can never have too many details, but you can always describe the image with words and feelings. It isn’t hard, but the communication of what you want is important so that you get the results you were looking for in the beginning.


Thanks Rebecca! We hope you like the end result as much as we do. Commission C. Day here to get a portrait like this. Or explore and its talented group of artists.



– ArtCorgi Crew