Fan Art Doesn’t Have to Be Limited to Fiction

EricSchmidt Artcorgi Commission by FlyingCorpse

As the internet is brimming with awesome fan fiction, it should come as no surprise that some of the best commissions floating around Tumblr, Twitter, deviantART, and Facebook are fan art. Fan art is the best!

But here’s the thing- we don’t think that fan art needs to be limited to fictional universes. We like the idea of commissioning fan art of everything!

A case in point is the movie poster-style illustration above commissioned by Malcolm Collins from FlyingCorpse. Malcolm had this piece created for one of the best classes he has taken so far at Stanford: Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital. Headed up by three professors: Peter Wendell, Raymond Nasr, and Eric Schmidt (Google’s Executive Chairman and former CEO), this class brought in world-famous founders, investors, and entrepreneurs for lively  conversation.

This piece was created as an ode to the class and presented at the end of the quarter, when Malcolm had the opportunity to pitch ArtCorgi to his professors and fellow students. When the class saw their professors drawn up as epic cowboys, the room exploded into noise and everyone jumped to their feet, snapping photos. It was a really fun moment!

Malcolm Posing with Stanford Professors by FlyingCorpse Commission

This made us realize that it is just as much fun to create, discover, and share fan art of your favorite real people as it is to enjoy fan art of your favorite fictional characters. We hope you give it a try sometime! :)