A Pokemon Trainer Portrait by Lucía García

The Pokemon Trainer by Lucia Garcia via ArtCorgi

We have had a couple of Pokemon portrait requests in the past, and this latest one made of Lucía García came out great!

Lucía, who created the piece in her waist up anime portrait commission stlyle, even created a YouTube video showing the piece’s sped up creation!

The portrait features Katriss, a character based on Karina, who was helped by her buddy Luke to have this commission made. Check out our Q&A with Karina below for more background on the piece. :)

ArtCorgi (AC): What inspired the creation of this particular commission?

Karina (K): Well, my inspiration for this character is a version of the female trainer in Pokemon Platinum. She follows the storyline of the game with a few twists. I never had anyone draw a commission for me, so I was nervous about it, sitting at the edge of my seat waiting for my friend to say it was done. I practically squealed when I saw the results.

AC: Is there any reason in particular why your friend is posing with a Wavile and not another Pokemon?

K: The reason she has Weavile rather than any other pokemon is well a couple of reasons. When I was thinking of a name for Kat, I was playing a game called Gravity Rush, and got the name from the main protagonist and she has a cat named Dusty with her, and since Weavile was close to the color of of the cat, I decided to have her hold a Weavile. Plus I do find them very cute.

AC: The necklace in this piece is super cool. Is there any backstory behind it?

K: Yes, the necklace actually has a story to it. In her story, she basically inherited it from the legendary pokemon Dialga. After she captures the pokemon in order to save the world, Dialga later gives the necklace to her as a sign saying that she is it’s trainer.

. . .

Thanks Luke and Karina for the super fun commission, and thanks Lucía for the gorgeous art!