Artists on ArtCorgi: Pietro Guglielmi

Pietro Guglielmi is yet another talented artist featured on ArtCorgi. Pietro has taken classes at the International School of Comics in Italy for illustration and digital coloring this is his fourth year studying illustration. Now at a very reasonable price on ArtCorgi, Pietro focuses on digitally painting or oil painting human figures. Read more to know more about his dedication to art.

ArtCorgi: What drew you to the art world?

Pietro: Youtube, to be honest. The worst manga tutorial ever on YouTube. 2 months of big eyes and pointy chins and I left that style for good, spontaneously. From that moment on I’ve always tried to come up with something personal.

A: What are your strengths and specialities as an artist?

P: I’m a workaholic, plus I can’t sleep nor eat if I don’t finish what I started. People see me as a maniac, but I like to think I wouldn’t be what I am without all that training.

A: What do you find most challenging about being an artist?

P: Choosing between what you want to draw, and what you’re capable of drawing, so basically between the job you want that you can’ t do and the job you already have that is not that satisfying.

Also, the fact that starting a big project that takes you many hours each day means leaving behind something else, and even if I have to convince myself I’m not leaving behind anything, just postponing, I can still feel inside the urge to cut myself more time to do those things I decided to put in second place.

A: What are your future artistic plans?

P: I’m working daily at home, trying to master oil painting, and studying illustration. I’d like to work on creature designs, and mix it with oil painting, by creating creatures and putting in that oomph you feel while staring at a Turner painting.

I feel like animation has also a strong potential, and I need that knowledge. I’d like to paint and live out of commissions, and make short animations in the free time. I’ve been enjoying sculpting (traditionally) so I’d put that in too.

A: What’s your favorite genre-style to draw/paint?

P: Creature designs when it comes to drawing, and emotions and  atmospheres when it comes to painting. Anything that has to do with interesting color combinations.

Thanks a million Pietro! Commission him for a digital portrait here and/or an oil painting here.

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– ArtCorgi Crew