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We checked up on Michelle Nunnelly, or OracularDream on ArtCorgi, and asked her some questions about her and her art. Check out her characterized digital illustrations at see more artists like Michelle on

“You all know me as an artist who’s graduated from School of Visual Arts. What you don’t know is that I also have a passion for animals. For the past year I’ve been volunteering for the ACC in New York to help rabbits who do not have a home. Last year I adopted my very own rabbit, JiJi (KiKi’s delivery service anyone). She’s been my best friend from the start. I also call her my Poke’mon yet she doesn’t bother to listen to any of my commands.

My other passion is Sequential Arts. I am currently planning out a comic book to hopefully draw and show readers.”

More on her art below—

Jade by OracularDream

ArtCorgi: What drew you to the art world?

Michelle: Video Games. When I was smaller my brother loved playing games and I had always wanted to be in the industry. He used to collect Game Informers every month and I admired the artwork inside. Humorously I was the most smitten by the Video Game Summer Beach Girls that game out every summer.

A: What are your strengths and specialties as an artist?

M: My drawing are clean. Care goes into each line. My style is something that reflects who I am which took years to find. Hopefully my love for my style and my art reflects into what you see in my Gallery.

A: What do you find most challenging about being an artist?

M: I was diagnosed with O.C.D a few years ago. I’ve been working with a amazing therapist for 4-5 years, so my fortunantly symptoms are minimal. Most only think O.C.D associates with cleaning or organizations. However, it takes over your mind. To put things simply I am a perfectionist- or I was. Not only did it exist in my artwork but it existed in my everyday life. My friends had to be perfect, my environment that I lived in had to be perfect. I walked into a new room I had the room memorized along with the people to ensure my safety.

When I was smaller it took my literally 6 months to complete a drawing. It took me hours to draw one line, months to draw a shape, and years to be satisfied.

Today, however, I draw hundreds of drawings a week and I am a extremely happy person and very happy with my artwork.

Mike by OracularDream

A: What are your future artistic plans?

M: Honestly, I have no idea. At times I want to be a designer; make merchandize. Other times I want to be a game developer maybe a character designer? Some days I want to continue doing my Sequential Art.

We’ll just see what the future has to offer me.

A: What is your favorite genre, style, or subject matter to draw/paint?

M: Cartoony work is my favorite style to draw in. Artwork that can easily be printed on a T-Shirt or a bag.

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Thanks Michelle, we appreciate your dedication to the ACC and we look foward to seeing what else you create!

Check out more of her work here. Get inspired and get commissioning!

– ArtCorgi