Comic-Style Company Portraits: The M&M Media Team

M&M Media Team Before and After by Blacksmiley via ArtCorgi

Let’s be honest; corporate headshots- the kind with bland backgrounds and forced smiles- are so yesterday. We could not be happier to have companies coming to us for more interesting professional portraits.

Check out these portraits featuring the M&M Media team. They were created in Blacksmiley’s black and white comic style. Nice, right? You can learn more about M&M Media below and commission a portrait of your own from Blacksmiley by visiting her commission page.

About M&M Media

M&M Media is a Los Angeles-based startup led by a team of GSB alums that is pioneering a new type of digital music service. Our flagship product, dubbed Project Carmen, is an iPhone-based digital music app that delivers free, on-demand music to mobile devices without requiring a subscription like other premium, on-demand apps. The app maintains the free element of radio services like Pandora, but allows individual song selection. Through partnerships with major and indie labels, our catalog includes over 15 million songs spanning every genre, with no fakes, covers or bootleg tracks. The app is currently available at select universities and will be rolling out to more than 2,500 colleges and 25,000 secondary schools soon.