A Medieval Family Portrait Brings Fantasy to Life

The Grand Medieval Court of Pala by Louie Zong via ArtCorgi

Why have a straightforward family portrait drawn when a fun theme can be worked in? We were thrilled when Layla reached out to us to have a Medieval-themed portrait and love the final piece that Louie Zong created.

To commission your own scene (family portrait or otherwise) in this style, check out Louie’s Detailed Digital Illustration page.

The Grand Medieval Court of Pala by Louie Zong via ArtCorgi Reference PhotoThe Backstory Behind the Piece

ArtCorgi (AC): What inspired you to commission this work of art?

Layla (L): I’m pretty enthusiastic about original art versions of some of my favorite things like anime and sci-fi/fantasy and just really cool things (in my opinion of course), and I came across an ArtCorgi Ad on Facebook (I think). Had a look through the site and at some of the brilliant blogs. Obviously it hit me at that point, an original art of one of my younger siblings would be the best and most ‘different’ gift ever… and they would love it. Knowing how fond they are with cartoons of various themes, I couldn’t possibly get a commission separately for each of them. So my best option was for a group one. And this original art would be presented to our grandparents at the end of this year and plastered in our family home.

AC: We love that you chose to give this family portrait a Medieval theme. What lead you to choose that period in time?

L: A Medieval theme is something I’ve always admired. Being a huge Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, etc. fan, I thought it would be humorous yet have a ‘statement’ having the girls be knights as well. I could have easily asked for the girls to look like noble women from that period, or have a supernatural feel to it with mermaids and fairies. But, I personally thought the girls needed to look capable of handling themselves as well… so being dressed as knights and having our very distinct weapons and postures would reflect a lot about each of us individually. So choosing a Medieval theme was a fantasy I wanted to bring to life… through art.

AC: To those who feel overwhelmed by the thought of commissioning art with so many different people in it, what advice would you give re: offering direction to the artist / making it work?

L: With having so many people/objects incorporated into one commission, it’s always best to have at least an idea of what it is you want drawn to life. Even if you don’t have an artistic mind (such as myself), every little piece of detail or suggestions for the artist is great. Don’t be afraid to throw in something ridiculous because you get to work closely with the fantastic members from ArtCorgi, and they’re brilliant. Providing reference images is the easiest way to help you get the amazing original art you hope for. Whether your commission is a gift for someone or for yourself, etc. you can make it work, just by providing details of what it is you want portrayed.