Fresh Take on a Popular Style: Mourphine’s Low Poly-Inspired Landscape

Low Poly Inspired Landscape Painting by Mourphine via ArtCorgi

When we began working with Scott Franks, a 26 year old designer based in the UK, he was interested in getting some low poly art created for his website.

What ultimately resulted was this landscape by Mourphine (in a modified version of her Simple Character Illustrations) that combines the trending style with her unique painterly style. We love the texture the piece has- it almost gives off the impression that it is comprised of paper cutouts.

Scott Franks Pursuit with Mourphine Low Poly Landscape

Backstory on Scott Franks and the Low Poly Mountainside

ArtCorgi (AC): What got you in to 3D printing?

Scott Franks (SF): I did my degree at University in Computer Aided Design – Technology, and I have always been fascinated by all aspects of 3D design, as soon as I heard about 3D Printing and the possibilities it brings, I was hooked!

AC: What are your specialities within the 3D printing world?

SF: What The Pursuit offers which is unique is that we offer a bespoke service, turning anyone’s idea into a one off piece of 3D art. Anything from favourite quotes to the names of your loved ones. We also give our customers a digital pack, which consist s of photo realistic renders to be used as wallpapers for their smart devices (another passion of mine!)

AC: What lead you to choose a low poly inspired mountainside painting for your commission?

SF: I’ve always loved the style of low poly pieces, and combining this with Mourphines style of painting has resulted in a fantastic end result which is simple but at the same time very striking. The moonlit mountain scene is very calming and the colours used compliment this greatly. It serves as a compelling front page image for the website!