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What do we look for in potential ArtCorgi artists?

We look for creative, skilled and diligent artists who are ready to work hard to make a positive impact in people’s lives while making a living doing what they love. We don’t require art diplomas (but if you have them, awesome!), we look for amazing art and unparalelled work ethic. We want you to be in this as much as we are.

What should I prepare for my application?

  • You need to be 18 or older to apply. If you are not, please do not sign up to our waitlist until you are. No exceptions.
  • A bit of information about you and your background as an artist.
  • A link to your portfolio showcasing your best work (it doesn’t need to be a fancy website at all, just don’t send us to your Twitter feed)
  • A potential style you want to offer on ArtCorgi including:
    • The name of the style
    • Price for a single figure/character and no background (including the 30% cut that we keep from each order; if you sell your art for $70 elsewhere, offer it for $100 through ArtCorgi to ensure our cut doesn’t reduce your earnings)
    • Price for additional figures/characters
    • Price for backgrounds (if offered; optional)
    • Price for commercial and full copyright transfers to clients (if offered; optional).
    • Samples of art done in this style (if you’re submitting a pet portrait style and all of your samples are exclusively humans, you may not be accepted, provide samples that showcase the style you want to offer).

You’re the perfect ArtCorgi artist if…

  • You’re diligent about your work. You always deliver your artworks on the specified deadline or earlier. You don’t like keeping clients waiting and you do your best to ensure they have a fantastic experience working with you.
  • You understand ArtCorgi has a set of guidelines that you must always abide by if you want to join and remain a part of our network. You’re happy to comply with them, keep open ways of communication at any time, complete orders on time, listen to and apply clients’ feedback, etc.
  • You’re in this for the long haul. You want to be a part of the ArtCorgi family for a long time. Even though you can leave at any time (conditions apply), we don’t want to spend time setting up your little corner on ArtCorgi and have you leave us shortly after. If you join ArtCorgi, make sure you want to stay with us for a long time. We reserve the right to refuse to accept you back if you join us and then request to leave shortly after.
  • You can provide high-res files for your clients. ArtCorgi requires that all commission files sent to the client are at least 3000 pixels width/height at 150dpi or higher (preferably 250-300).
  • You have a beautiful art style and you specialize in the kind of works that sell the most on ArtCorgi such as:
    • Proposal artworks
    • Anniversary gifts
    • Family Portraits
    • Pet portraits
    • Fantasy artworks

If you have any questions, drop us a line! :)