Jocelyn’s magical proposal artwork by Fleur Sciortino


ArtCorgi was born after our founder and Corgi Lord, Malcolm, commissioned multiple works of art to propose to (now wife and Corgi Lady) Simone. So when we have the pleasure to help others use custom art in their proposals to make them even more memorable, we’re over the moon! Jocelyn commissioned a piece of art for her proposal from Fleur Sciortino and the results are beyond magical!

What inspired you to commission this art?

Jocelyn: I’d been searching for a way to make our proposal a memorable, special occasion, but I also wanted to keep it intimate. Initially I thought I would make a home movie of our memories together, and then quickly realised how time-consuming video editing is (and how much I lacked any skill in video editing). So I began searching online for ideas and came across an article about ArtCorgi and some of the artworks commissioned for wedding proposals. I thought it was a fantastic idea, and started searching the artist gallery.

How did you go about selecting an artist/style? How did you like working with Fleur on this piece?

Jocelyn: I searched through the numerous artists featured on the site. I really liked Fleur’s cute, cartoon style. It just looked fun, and that’s the sort of people we are, so I knew it would work well. Working with Fleur was great. I told her a bit about myself and my partner, the types of things we each personally enjoy and the details I wanted to incorporate in the piece. She took everything on board, responded to my feedback and came up with a finished piece that I just loved.

How was your experience commissioning this piece through ArtCorgi?

Jocelyn: Super easy. I wasn’t really sure how the whole thing would work, so I emailed the ArtCorgi team at the start and they were more than happy to help guide me through the process from start to finish. It was really easy, and everything was done in a very timely manner. I’m very happy with my art piece, and the service of both the artist and the ArtCorgi team.

What advice would you give to a friend who is interested in commissioning art for the first time?

Jocelyn: Give it a try! It’s really easy. If you’ve got an idea and you’re not sure how to put it all together, or how it might work out, just email the ArtCorgi team. They are more than happy to help give you ideas and advice to make your art idea become a reality.



Thank you so much for letting us get to know more about you and your experience working with us, Jocelyn! We wish you both the best in your new life together!


Want Fleur to create a stunning piece of art for you too? Visit her commission page and let’s get your masterpiece started!