A Look at One of ArtCorgi’s Newest Realistic Portrait Styles

Realistic Portrait Commission by Jimmy Yeung

Though he started off by offering striking creature commissions on our site, Jimmy Yeung recently added a realistic portrait style at a very wallet-friendly price point. Here is the latest commission he has done in this style featuring Facebook’s VP of Ads and Pages (and all-around online art connoisseur), Andrew Bosworth.

Though we get a lot of cartooney and stylized commission orders on ArtCorgi, we have also found realistic portraits to be quite popular. We’re keen to see what ultimately becomes the most in-demand style over time. So far, it is too early to tell, though we think above portrait is pretty dang cool.

A Word from the Artist

ArtCorgi: You create amazing creature illustrations (which people can also commission from you) in addition to realistic human portraits. What are the biggest differences between illustrating people and creatures?

Jimmy Yeung: In my opinion I really don’t find one quite different from one another. I say that mainly because I take the same approach to all my artwork. It really just boils down to having a good understanding of light/form and of course composing the person/creature in a appealing way. But If I had to choose one major difference between painting/illustrating people vs creatures, I would have to say that, when I’m painting a creature, I often have or feel like I have more artistic freedom.

What advice would you give to people sending you reference photos for portraits of themselves and their friends? What are the characteristics of a good reference photo? What are the characteristics of a bad reference photo?

Do not shy away from sending a larger file. The more I see, the better I can see. The size of an image will determine the outcome of the final look of the portrait and of course larger images make my job a lot easier. That said, I would take a well-lit photo in a lower resolution over a horribly-lit photo with high resolution any day.