A Funny Home on a Humorous Street

The House on Dick Street by Louie Zong via ArtCOrgi

One thing we love about commissioned art is it makes it possible to distill fond and funny memories in a novel (and efficient) format.

This illustration by Louie Zong, commissioned as a birthday present, depicts the house our client and his friend lived in for a while… which humorously happened to be located on a street called Dick Street!

Having decided to make the most of their comedically-loaded locale, the friends decorated their flat with plenty of phallic art and had a grand time there. Now that they live elsewhere, this art (with a bit of a phallic appearance of its own) offers a lovely means by which they can remember the place.

We love the thoughtful and fun gift and hope to see more fun ideas of this sort roll in in future months. Fingers crossed we see some hilarious holiday gift commissions!

To commission art from Louie Zong in this style, swing by his simple digital illustrations page.